The #1 ELD

Simplify compliance with the ELD trusted by over 120,000 fleets Get free hardware for a limited time
50% fewer hours-of-service violations
50% time saved on compliance tasks
25% reduction in insurance costs

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An ELD compliance solution that gets results.

Track your fleet in real time

Follow and share your vehicles鈥 every move in real time. Notify customers of delays with live location sharing and automatic ETAs.

Automate compliance management

Save time on ELD compliance with a fast log editing workflow, automatic yard move assignment, unidentified driver matching, and more.

Install in minutes

Install in less than 10 minutes without the help of a mechanic. Save time with built-in driver training and by offloading issues to our 24/7 support.

Much more than compliance

Get free WiFi, automate maintenance schedules, upgrade your ELD with a dash cam, and more.

Built for managers

Reduce HOS violations and time spent on ELD compliance tasks by up to 50% by taking a proactive approach to risk management with our compliance management suite.

Designed for drivers

Help drivers complete daily compliance tasks faster and more efficiently with our #1 ELD and top-rated Driver App. Teams with multiple drivers can easily manage HOS from one device.

Certified for U.S. and Canada

Stay compliant with the Motive ELD. Our ELD compliance solution meets the certification requirements of the FMCSA and Transport Canada.

Operate more efficiently with AI
Automatically match drivers with unidentified trips and notify them in real time via the Motive Driver App, using AI trip assignment.

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