Fleet Management

Integrated fleet management software.

Live GPS tracking, smart dash cams, fuel, maintenance, ELD compliance, and more — all in one integrated platform.

50% fewer hours of service violations
25% reduction in insurance costs
72% increase in exoneration via dash cam


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Fleet management software that drives results.

Get best-in-class GPS tracking

Track vehicles, trailers, and equipment in real time. Notify customers of delays with live location sharing and automatic ETAs.

Maximize productivity

Identify underused, misused, or stolen assets instantly. Verify payroll, simplify invoicing, and prove detention time with automatic reports.

Detect dangerous driving

Detect dangerous driving with the Smart Dashcam. The DRIVE risk score identifies your high-risk drivers and shows what they need to work on.

Dispatch faster

Find the closest driver, trailer, or equipment in seconds. Dispatch faster with pre-built TMS integrations.

Reduce downtime and fuel costs

Catch vehicle defects early with fault code detection and proactive maintenance scheduling. Automate complex IFTA calculations and gain insights into fuel utilization to save on one of your fleet’s largest expenses.

Simplify ELD compliance

Take the headaches out of compliance with the #1 ELD. Save time with automatic yard move assignment and unidentified trip matching.

Click here to learn about Motive Fleet Management:    https://partners.gomotive.com/ieusao4q4fbz

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