Motive Card

The only fleet card that connects to your business.

Connect fleet and spend management. Uncover new ways to unlock savings and productivity.

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How it works

More than a fleet card.

Enhance productivity.
Save up to 7% per vehicle by reducing operational overhead and managing everything on one dashboard.

Competitive discounts.
Save up to 5% per vehicle through discounts at over 11,000 partner locations.

Reduce fraud.
Save up to 5% per vehicle through real-time insights and alerts to help identify fraud.

Maximize fuel efficiency.
Save up to 10% per vehicle through opportunities identified by AI-powered reporting.

Enhance productivity.
Get more done in less time. Connect spend data with fleet data to automate tasks and be more efficient.
Get competitive discounts, no hidden fees.
Save on fuel, maintenance, and more.
Pay $0 in hidden fees and protect your bottom-line savings. Our in-app Savings Finder tool makes it easy for drivers to navigate to the best discounts.
Reduce fraud and unauthorized spend.
Protect your business and cut fraud losses with telematics-backed fraud detection. Boost security and stop unauthorized spending.
Maximize fuel efficiency.
Pair with Motive fleet products to reduce fuel usage and lower costs.
Personalized savings expertise.
If you have 25 or more vehicles, our savings experts can help build a custom Motive Card program for your fleet to maximize discounts.
Get complete data visibility.
Bring fleet management and spend management under one roof. Only Motive links fleet and spend data visibility to unlock savings and improve productivity.

Automate operations.
Augments spend data with fleet data to create automation opportunities for IFTA reporting, compliance, fraud detection, and more.

Effectively manage your business.
Eliminate data silos and the need to update data across multiple platforms.

 Click here to see the Motive card   :

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