Truck Types

Dry Van

Efficiently safeguarding goods on the road, dry vans are essential for seamless transportation. With Roadmaster Dispatch, a dependable dry van dispatcher stands by to bolster your client services, cultivating positive relationships with drivers and ensuring optimal support.View more


Step Deck

When it comes to managing oversize and over-height cargo, Roadmaster Dispatch has your back. Our expertise includes searching and evaluating potential loads, negotiating rates, and meticulously handling all required paperwork, allowing you to navigate the complex world of logistics effortlessly.View more



Your reefer truck provides a vital service to clients, maintaining the integrity of temperature-sensitive freight. Our dedicated dispatch service ensures that you can continue delivering excellence. With a focus on streamlined processes and reliable support, Roadmaster Dispatch is your partner for stress-free operations.View more



Powering the economy with your heavy-duty flatbed truck is a significant responsibility. At Roadmaster Dispatch, we're committed to connecting you with the right clients, ensuring that your valuable services reach those who need them most. Our dispatch support enables you to maximize your reach and impact.View more



In the world of trucking, hotshot drivers play a critical role, delivering loads precisely when needed. Roadmaster Dispatch recognizes your importance as the "minutemen" of trucking and offers exceptional hotshot dispatch services. Elevate your hotshot trucking business with top-notch support. View more


Box Truck

With the flexibility and freedom of box trucking, you have a unique advantage in the industry. Roadmaster Dispatch is here to optimize your operations by providing comprehensive dispatch support. Say goodbye to downtime and unnecessary complexities, and experience the true potential of your box trucking venture. View more
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